Welcome to “Deeper Workouts”! Our desire is to strengthen clients inside-out. We stand firm on Faith, Intentionality, and Transformation. I am Danielle, also known as Coach F.I.T., the Assistant Coach. God is the Head Coach. As long as God is your head coach, you will never lose a game.


I started gravitating toward athletics in elementary school. Basketball and track & field were my sports of choice. I won state championships and was nationally ranked. I was blessed to be able to play collegiate sports and earn multiple degrees. I learned many life lessons through athletics; therefore, I must pass the baton of knowledge and wisdom to help others grow and develop spiritually, mentally, and physically.

To evolve is one of the greatest calls on earth, listen.


Author, Co-Author, Coach, Speaker, and Leader. Skilled in creating a positive and transformative culture. A holistic results-driven professional who has a track record of elevating and empowering individuals’ performance, mindset, and character. Committed to higher learning, always seeking opportunities to inspire and motivate individuals and groups to make healthy lifestyle changes.